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I, in my infinite computer wisdom, somehow managed to change my desktop shortcuts, and now their icons look like blank pages, and when I click on them they open the "open with" box.

Is it possible to fix this? If so, would the fix take longer than just reinstalling the OS and all the programs (lots and lots of hours)?

Anyone smarter than me (which, apparently, would be anyone when it comes to PC) please, I beg you... HELP ME! I'll give you my first born, or my heart felt thanks!
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  1. Option 1
    Had you been playing in command prompt by any chance?
    I can recreate your exact issue in command prompt with rename "shortcutname.lnk" shorcutname

    If that is the case, you can just rename all shortcuts(right click the page looking icon and add .lnk to the end) and they will fix them selves.

    IF Option 1 does not work

    Try this

    If they are just shortcuts, you can always just make new ones with ease.

    Fast way is to just fine the program you want(Start -> search for it)

    Right click the program you want and select "Sendto" -> Desktop (create shortcut)

    If those work as you want, just remove the blank shortcuts.
  2. I think I somehow associated shortcuts with something else, because all the new shortcuts I make are the same.

    It started with a right click on a shortcut, and I accidentally hit the "Open With..." and went to hit cancel but hit the OK my mistake. Don't know where my head was at that day. At any rate, the check box for "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" must have been checked, because all shortcuts do the same thing now.
  3. if you just did it and you had system restore on, try this.

    hold Start + R to bring up the Run command then type "rstrui.exe"

    With any luck you can restore to a time before this happened.

    Failing that its time for FUN!!!
  4. Oh son of a b***h...
    Thanks fo that, nukemaster! Looks like I'll be trying that out - while looking for the reinstall disk...

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