Lenovo U460 32bit or 64bit for $50 difference

Well since college is starting in about 2 weeks for me i am looking for a laptop and there were few i like but i think i am going with a Lenovo U460 laptop. The Lenovo U460 feathers core i3 330um, 14in display, Geforce 305m with Intel HD for switchable graphics, and lot more feather i really like for its price but there are 2 model for this laptop and i cant really pick which one.

The question is that the 2 model have a the same spec expect 2 thing which give price difference of $50. The first model is $730 in Amazon for 4GB of DDR3 memory with window 7 64bit. The second model is $680 in Amazon for 3GB of DDR3 memory with window 7 32bit.

Should i spend 50 extra dollors to get 1 more GB or ram with 64bit window or is 50 dollor less for a 1 less GB of ram with 32bit window better.

If i do get the 64bit version what is it do tats better then the 32bit version other then 1 GB of extra ram
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  1. $50 for 1 gb of ram and a windows version upgrade is probably worth it, though since i'm not sure what you'll be using it for in school, you may not notice the difference. You'll only notice a difference when gaming, or working with RAM hungry applications like photo/video editing software.

    How about this:

    If you're an engineering/art/architecture student, go for the 4gb ram version (tho if you're an art student, why aren't you getting a mac? :P).
    If you have a serious interest in photography or have (or will get one in the future) a DSLR camera, get the 4gb version.

    If neither applies, then the 3gb will probably be enough for you.
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