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am shopping around for laptop.. and came across Acer TimelineX series...
2 different versions with 2 different CPUs... which one is the "best" in performance/price ratio?
one has I7-620M for 1099euro the other is Core i5-450M for 899euro


the idea is having good battery life to take the laptop to school but being able to switch to dedicated GPU and play some games while plugged into the wall.
If any1 got any other laptop in mind that would be better, please let me know.

thank you,

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  1. The title of this topic has been edited by Buwish
  2. If your looking for battery life and a decent gaming experience, the best one out of the two would be the one with the i5. Plus, I don't think the i7-620 is worth an extra 200 euro.
  3. thx for response and thx for editing the title.. i did not find where to edit it.. :)
    that sounds like something i was leaning towards.. getting i5 and spend the rest of the money for ssd....
    any1 else any suggestions?
  4. Indeed. An SSD won't help too much, but it could definitely speed things up regard to boot times and load times for games/programs.
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