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My computer fans drive me nuts at times, so I am curious how well cool and quiet works. I thought I would pose this question to those who are using it:

• How quiet is the stock fan on the AMD64 (e.g. 90nm 939 3200+) when cool and quiet it enabled when doing non-intensive CPU tasks?

• Does this affecting gaming at all?

• Is the fan speed up and down based on load or temp?

Thanks for the input :)
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  1. Are you using an A64 now? The only fans in my A64 system are on the chip, on the graphics card, and in the psu. The only sound I hear from my case, is when the optical drive spins up. I have never seen the need to use C&Q, since my idle temp is low 30s.
    Part of that is because of the single chip chipset on the nforce boards, I also lay blame on the quiet dual fans in my enermax psu. You have to have that bottom fan in your psu.
  2. I'll have to agree. C&Q absolutely blew me away. I mean, I was litteraly grinning from ear to ear the first few days using this A64. But even in gaming for hours the stock fan on a 3000+ Winchester is very quiet.

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  3. I am not using AMD64 yet--I am building a system for my brother and will be using the AMD64 because he will be gaming on it. BUT, I am considering it for myself down the line because of the performance/noise. I currently have a P4 and it is kinda noisy. I am sure part of that has to do with the PSU fan, but every bit helps.

    Thanks for the replies :)
  4. Unfortunately this news comes too late for you, but it is great for your brother. C&Q works great, I have noticed it most when I am listening to music/movies... I turn my case fans down and can't hear a peep out of my sytem, works great.

    I know that many of you are going to tell me that I don't need my case fans going at full on my A64 3200+ cause it is running at low 30 temps, but I get paranoid some times...
  5. No, honestly I find AMD's CoolnQuiet to be a wonderful protocol. Here's my system specs...

    AMD Athalon 64Fx-53
    HIS Excalibur X800 XT PE with IceQ II Cooling
    Asus A8V Deluxe VIA K8T800 Pro Chipset ATX AMD MB
    1 Gig of OCZ 3500 unbuffered Ram
    2 Western Digital 74 Gig Raptors in Raid 1
    CPU FAN Thermaltake Silentboost K8
    Cooler Master Wave Master Case
    Antec NeoPower 480 Watt PSU
    SB Audigy 2Z Platinum Sound Card

    With CnQ enabled my puter idles at 24* cel at start up and stays there until I do something graphics or CPU intensive. My high temp is 56* Cel for extended gameplay. Once I'm done it coold down to 32* Cel in less then 2 minutes then it usually stays there for the rest of the night.

    CnQ works great for me, can't recommend it more highly...

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  6. I would love Cool 'n' Quiet, but I only have an AXP so it isn't a feature available to me.... BUT....

    my Rig'll have "Warm 'n' Quiet" by tommorrow.... A row of rocker switches which switch the various fans down to 5V from 12V... :lol: .

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