hi, well just bought a new comp, AMD 3500+, and i have a problem.

I have a process known as spoolsv.exe which is taking up 100% of my cpu usage. I end the process, but i just reappears back eventually. Is there a way to get rid of this problem. It's realy slowing my computer down thanx. And by the way it is a new system ADM3500+M ASUS A8N SLI, 2X 6600GT'S IN SLI, 1 GB COASIR RAM ADN 250GB HD

ASUS 440BX P3B-F, Intel P3 @ 553Mhz, 128Mb Pc133 Ram, nVidia Gefore 256, IBM 20gig HD, Creative Sound Blaster Live,Lg Cd-Burner, Creative 52x Cd Drive, Microsoft Windows XP Pro/2000 Pro Duel Boot
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  1. Well, spoolsv.exe is a regular system executable, so it should be there, but it should only be memory resident, not using cpu time. Are you sure it's not Spoolsv.exe or some other variation? Do the adaware, and anti-virus checks.
  2. Check in google to know what a process is <A HREF="" target="_new">quick search in google found this</A>

    If you don't have a printer or you want to run this maunually then you can disable this service by going to the control panel>administrative tools>services and there look for "Print Spooler"

    Set the Startup type to either Manual or Disable, manual if you want to run the service only when you need it, disable to never run it at all.

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  3. Right click My Computer > Manage > Services and Applications > Services > Double Click "Print Spooler" and set to Disable.

    if you install a printer later, set it to Manual , as PeteRoy says

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  4. You may be infected with a nasty virus. The spools svc should NEVER maintain 100% cpu usage.

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