Computer keeps selecting to desktop?

I am new here so go easy on me, and this problem is hard to describe. Recently there has been this problem with my computer, where whenever I am in the middle of something it would be as if "someone" would click to my desktop but my window, or game would stay open and mouse cursor would be in the same position. Even typing this paragraph is hard because it keeps deselecting the the browser. It would pause, minimize, or window all my games, and stop my typing until I clicked on the screen to continue whatever I am doing.

What I have done: updating all drivers, searching online, different mouse and keyboard.

What I have not done: virus scan, installing recent windows update, re install windows 7.

The only way it get fixed is when I shut down my computer and turn it on. It stops for a while then it occurs every so often, and then it does it every 30 seconds. It has not done this until a day ago when my computer crashed during windows updates, and then my hard drive got messed up, until I unplugged it for a minute, then it started up and finished the updates.

I also have another problem after the crash and ill give a little info on it, or post in another thread. Randomly both my monitors will turn off as if it is going into sleep mode every time I move my mouse, and it is similar to the problem above. It will also project audio as it goes black and then turn back on.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
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  1. it can be a malware.. even if you tried to reinstall your OS and but still had your previous files, programs etc on a separate drive that was still infected it can still come back within your system if opened or used.
  2. Definitely a good time to re-install a non-pirated version of Window 7 I think.
  3. I am using a legit Windows 7 :P
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