Add new Win7 PC to existing Win2003 Server. How?


I recently started a new job. It has nothing to do with IT and the like but in my CV I mentioned I was pretty good with computers, I am, just not with servers.

My work has a new employee starting so they asked me to buy a new PC and set it up so that he can access our windows 2003 small business server. I have no clue how to do this. I thought it was a matter of joining a network like a WiFi or something but thats not the case.

The issue is that the guy i am replacing was also the guy who looked after the server. He has emmigrated to the other side of the world and so I cannot ask him how he added new PC's/clients to the server so they can access the shared folders and such.

The new PC is on Windows 7x64 Professional and I want to allow him to access the shard folder and internet on our server.

Can anyone provide me with instructions on how to do this? I have managed to set him up a user profile which he can access from the other 20 or so terminals in the work place but he needs to be able to access it from the new PC you see.

Please can anyone help me? I am sure this isnt a big task but i havent a clue about servers.

Thanks so much for any feedback!
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