Windows XP Firmware Problem

Ok you guys,

I got a real stumper for you.

I am trying to flash the firmware for me cd recorder in windows xp.

1. tried the standard floppy approach but since the firmware .exe tries to writes up around 2mb during the flash, this fails miserably.

2. tried to do it like win 9x and used the 98 boot disk to boot to a: prompt but stupid xp hides all of the other drives from me and when I try to access the harddrive folder with firmware, it says invalid drive.

3. thought about NTFSdos but it does not support my raid and so fails to recognize the partition so that fails miserably. Plus the read/write software is like $300 which I obviously wont pay for flashing firmware!

I am out of ideas. Anyone know how to get this done. My friend suggested something about changing some line in the config.sys cd and nocd sections but my config.sys is blank. Completely blank!!!

Anyone run into something like this before?

Here is possible solutions I can think of but dont know how to implement:
1. use zip drive to boot and flash
2. make a ramdisk?

If anyone knows how do solve this with above or any other way pleez help!!!!

Thanks for your help:)

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  1. just flash it in xp, why do you need to boot to a dos mode? the only reason flashing from dos was the recomended status quo is because dos was the only stable os during the time of windows 95.

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