Whats a normal cpu temp?

Mine is 58 degree celcius.
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  1. "Normal" is going to depend on what CPU you have... what kind of CPU do you have?? And is it under heavy load?? Or is that idle temp??
  2. Where did you get that temp from? What power supply are you using? What mobo do you have? What are you doing to get that temp?
  3. Normal,

    You will learn that very little is normal in the non statistical sense.<A HREF="http://www.pantherproducts.co.uk/Articles/CPU/CPU Temperatures.shtml" target="_new"> MAX Temperatures </A>

    These are maximum temperatures. The lower you get the better. -273.16C would be ideal :lol:

    BTW. Good Luck

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  4. Zero kelvin would be ideal? At that temp ALL motion stops. That includes electron flow, so it might be bad for fast computing.
  5. No resistance, resitance is futile :lol:
    I think it would be like the immoveable object meeting the unstopable force

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  6. Idle, was looking in bios. amd 1800xp

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  7. 58C at Idle sounds high. If you dont give more details of your system, nobody is going to be able to help you. Is this a new rig?
  8. Just because it’s that cold doesn't mean you can't introduce electrons. In fact, because there is little or no motion between the atomic particles, they receive and give up electrons very quickly and orderly.

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  9. It was my understanding that electron flow gives off heat. It was also my understanding that at 0 kelvin, there was no heat.
  10. 58 at idle is pretty high for that CPU.
  11. Not for a palimino core. My 1800+ did mid 50s at idle, but only high 50s at full load. It's also a question of believing the sensor, or not. I dont.
  12. Mine's 1800+ is also much cooler.

    It reached 58-60°C only last summer, with 35°C in the room and full coding process.
    As for now, it starts under 40°C and stays under 50°C at full charge (>99% CPU for hours) with room at 16-18°C.

    Do not know if it's a Thoroughbred or Palomino though.
    Fréquence's: 1527 MHz, L2: 256 KB and it shows 3039 Bogomips

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