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hi all
iv got a acer aspire 1 3gz, 1.5gb ram, 8gb ssd win xp pro
iv just bought a intel 4965agn mini pci n class wifi upgrade card
do i need to connect the extra aerials that come with it ?
or will it work o.k. with the 2 already in the screen ?

also can i upgrade the ssd in it, as it's too small and slow ?


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  1. Sorry that I can't answer your questions directly -- Acer probably can, though.

    I comment because there is a stream of similar questions on the forum that suggests that users have given up using desktop computer and expect to have some of the same flexibility about upgrading components when they purchase laptops.

    The problem is that the laptop manufacturers seem to be going in the opposite direction -- trying to lock users into buying parts and upgrades (where these are even available) solely from themselves.

    HP, Dell frequently get mentioned for blocking upgrades. I found this when trying to replace a CD drive that fit perfectly but was rejected by the Dell BIOS. There have been instances of users buying apparently identical mini-pci wireless to the HP component only to have it rejected because it wasn't HP branded.

    If you have a similar issue with Acer I would complain -- this is the kind of restrictive trade practice that got IBM into antitrust litigation with the US government in the 1970s.
  2. on ebay, where i bought the card new from, says it works with my netbook, just doesn't say anything about the aerials
    the new ariels are 2 wires into 1 clip, and the ones in the lappy are just 1 wire
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