Desktop background no longer works......

Hello community,

^ is my set up. The tower I use is a thermaltake armor+mx med tower. So I opened up my tower to do some dusting and I accidentally dropped the tower door and the wires that power the tower door fan was ripped off. There was a red and black wire that has these weird looking prongs on them. I first did not know where they went... So I just looked at the 4 pin whole plugs and started to stick these two in these plugs to test... First few times I did this; the pc restarted and there was a spark....(could this be y my background no longer works?)
Then I found two holes out of the four pinned plugs that powered my fan.. Hurray I thought cause the fan was powered, the blue light was on and I was happy for that moment.

Then I realized my background was just a blank color.. So I right clicked/personalize/desktop background/ set up the photos I saved/hit save changes... and nothing.. no background...

Then i tried to restore and it does not allow me. Says my antivirus is on not allowing me to restore my pc properly. I turned it off but it still says this.(using avg).

Please help someone... I can not figure this out. I searched the web for answers but I have no solution in my searches... So I am asking the community for help.

Thanks for the time,
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  1. The reason my background is important to me; I have my pc hooked up to my tv so every fewy seconds the background changes and its like art on my TV. Please help someone.
  3. yes it is.
  4. Is there a solution Brett or anyone?
  5. Please help.. I can not believe there is no answer via web.

    Click Start, paste the following text into the search box, and then press Enter

    Right-click the TranscodedWallpaper.jpg file, and then click Rename.
    Change the file name to TranscodedWallpaper.old, and then click Yes when you are prompted.
    If slideshow.ini is listed, double-click this file. Slideshow.ini should open in Notepad. Select all the text in slideshow.ini if any exists, and then press Delete on the keyboard.
    On the File menu, click Save.
    Close Notepad.
    Close the Windows Explorer window, and then browse to the picture that will be set as the background image.
    Try to apply a background picture again.
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