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I have XP professional on an xp 2000 cpu based system.
Recently I downloaded service pack 1, several games and a virus that I believe my anti-v has disposed of.
My question involves the new behavior of my system when I shut-down. I have always shut my system down at the end of the night, and it usually took about 1 minute. Now it is taking 6 to 8 minutes until it finally goes down. I have defragged & scandisked and have about 80% of the drive still free and open.?? Some of my multitasking activities also seemed to have been slowed greatly. Any advice appriciated.
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  1. My Goodness....
    Please Reply.....
  2. Look through <A HREF="http://search.support.microsoft.com/search/default.aspx?Catalog=LCID=1033&CDID=EN-US-KB&PRODLISTSRC=ON&withinResults=&QuerySource=gsfxAdvancedSearch_Query&Product=winxp&Queryc=hang+up+at+shut+down&Query=hang+up+at+shut+down&KeywordType=ALL&maxResults=25&Titles=false&numDays=" target="_new">these</A> and see if anything looks like the problem your haveing.

    I'm not really stupid...... I just play one on TV.
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