What is the effect of extreme cold on PCs

hi, i am from kashmir and as you kashmir is one of the coldest places in the world.so, i have to use my PC in extreme cold. when i turn on the power supply of my PC the following message gets displayed on the screen

after keeping the PC on for 5 minutes in the same state, then when i again press the power button the PC starts normally and efficiently. What i need to do to cope with the problem. thanks
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  1. Hi

    If you look at the websites of Seagate , Western Digital etc you see the specification of storage of hard disks is typically -20C to + 65C
    but usage + 5C to + 35C

    If your hard disk gets significantly colder it may fail to startup
    Also computers and electronics do not like water which may come from condensation .

    What sort of low temperatures exist in side your house ?
    Like a lot of people I did not realise Kashmir had such an extreme temperature range


    Mike Barnes
  2. There is issues with keeping a machine fairly cold.
    If you have some kind of refrigeration on a computer to lower the internal case temperature, you can run into issues with condensation forming when you turn on the machine. Obviously water on the computer isn't good and can lead to shorts.

    But that's only an issue when the case temperature is significantly below the ambient (room) temperature. If the rest of the room is the same temperature as the PC when it turns on, condensation shouldn't be an issue.

    The error message tells me something is wrong with your HDD. Either the drive is failing or the cold is affecting it somehow (cant imagine why).
    Maybe get an SSD boot drive, its based on different technology than a traditional HDD and I suspect wont be affected by the cold (if that's the issue).
  3. That's kinda cool when you think about it Faizan.
    - If you'll excuse the pun.

    You could try customizing the BIOS to have the HDD boot time out at 300 seconds instead of the usual maximum of 15 seconds.

    You might want to write to Gigabyte (for example) and request it as a feature.

    They may even pay you some money for the idea/feedback.

  4. It's more likely to be humidity not the cold which is causing the problem, one thing that could sort the problem out would be to use a SSD (solid state drive).
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