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Can anyone share any experience about aspire 4745g laptop with core i5 processor.
As i am going to buy it, so give me some idea about its pricing.
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  1. i want ur experiences, not what is written on the google.....
  2. Anonymous said:
    i want ur experiences, not what is written on the google.....

    People can write on the google?
  3. if u hv something meaning full, then come in. otherwise "get the *** out off here".
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    hi! i own a 4745G Acer Aspire which I bought last June. In general I can say this notebook is worth every penny. Like all laptops though, there are always cons. I made a list of the pros and cons but please bear with me because I'm not that techie...
    1. design is amazing, more like elegant looking. the keyboard is awesome..
    2. monitor quality works just fine with me, but with an ATI Mobiility Radeon with 512 mb memory i expected something better. i am playing Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and Assassin's Creed.
    3. screen size and overall size is just perfect, not that big and not too small
    4. 4 usb ports
    5. the "dolby home theater" sound is louder compared to most laptops that i've heard so far.
    6. i5 is amzing..

    1. heats up quite fast, especially when playing Call of Duty and Assassins C
    2. quite heavy (for me, im underweight lols)
    3. battery quite poor. i tried watching a movie on batts. i can only finish a single movie. you won't be able to finish 2 averge movies

    Overall i say this is a great laptop not to mention that its also cheaper. if you are not fond of travelling with your laptop this laptop will work for you. but i would suggest using an external cooler to fight off the heat. i hope my comments would somehow help :??: :??:
  5. Many many thanx to u dude........
    can u do me another small favour by giving its exact price. (better in india)
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