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Well Im thinking it might be time for me to upgrade. Prices seem decent and with the holidays over, I actually have money for me now! :D Anyhow, my gaming machine is as follows:

2100XP (@1.76)
1GB 333mhz (2x256, 1x512)
ATI 9800 pro

It runs OK, games are playable for most cases, Doom3 MP is the only one I can't stand the performance. SP is fine somehow.... My question is this:

I want to upgrade and be future ready. If I went with

AMD939 3000 winchester
Asus K8T800 Deluxe

and used the rest, would I notice a big difference? This would be easiest and this fits in at under $300 US. My main concern is the processor speed being almost identical (@clock speed) and the ram being at 333mhz. But from what I hear the AMD64 is better for gaming. Or if like I said...Im not hurting for performance, so should I wait a bit more? If I will notice a good speed bump, then I dont mind doing it as it would be the 939 pin and easily upgradable again later.

One more quick note as I haven't been following pci-e, what is the lifespan of AGP? are we talking pci-e quickly being the better if not only option soon?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Agp will be around for awhile. You might want to try selling your memory and switch to pc3200 or higher. I would also look at nforce3 boards by msi, epox, or gigabyte. The gigabyte and epox boards are less than $100. Just be sure you have the latest bios. Some board's original bios won't post with the 9nm 3000 without a flash.
  2. There would be a significant speed increase. The A64 CPU is much more efficient than the AXP. The A64 3000+ s939 is faster than an AXP 3200+, and you've only got a 2100+. The memory will slow you down some, however, so it would be a good idea to get 2x512 PC3200 and sell the PC2700.

    AGP will be around for a while, so I doubt you need to worry about it for this upgrade. Next motherboard, however... (in my opinion)

  3. Although it was my choice to go with the s939 A64, if you can save significant money by going with the s754 it might be worth it... remember that you will likely save on the mobo too. pat posted a link a while ago that showed the 3000+ s754 having similar performance to the s939 3200+

    I would look into this option for you... for me, the s939 3200+ was too close in price to the s754 3000+. But this will likely depend on availability in your area.
  4. Dont expect miracles with that upgrade. The reason you are having trouble with D3mp is because it's a "the way users were ment to be played" game. You are not cpu bound, just yet. Hold off till there is more choice in nforce4 boards at least. You might even be better off getting one of the agp X800XL cards, when they are released.
  5. Thanks for the info. Ive heard both sides now saying I would and that I wouldnt notice a jump in performance. Endyen, I am not expecting miracles, in fact the Doom mp was just an example of the games I can't play due to performance issues. Thanks for the input though.

    I have looked now and yes the NF3 or 4 would be the way to go. As for the 939 vs 754, I was hoping to go a more future ready route, but at the point Im at now, either way should be good. Checking prices, it would cost me $20 more to go with a 939 3000 instead of a 754 3000, and 100 more to go to a 939 3200 over a 754 3000.

    Hmmmm. Perhaps waiting to see the nf4 boards drop a bit in price with more options would be the way to go. Maybe by then, I can put some more effort into getting setup on pci-e and get new memory to help.

    Again...thanks for the helpful info.

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