Mouse cursor slows down after plugging in Razer Megalodon

Good day all,

I built a new PC this weekend after I ordered some parts online.
CPU: i5 2500k
MOBO: Gigabyte Z68XP UD3
RAM: 8gb gskill ripjaws 1600mhz
GPU: EVGA 560 gtx ti DS OC

Everything is working smoothy after I formatted the PC (even a computer guy checked the bios and stuff, etc). I have Windows 7 64 bits ultimate.

There is a strange problem though.
My logitech mouse (I've had it since October 2008 which was worth $15 from Staples) cursor slows down after I plug in my Razer Megalodon Headset. If I remove the the USB for the Razor Megaladon and remove the USB mouse then plug it back in; cursor speed goes back to normal (not slow)

I need some help or inputs regarding this!

Thanks in advance.
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    Try using a different USB port for the headset.
  2. I've done that already

    I am guessing that buying a new mouse might solve this mysterious problem
  3. I kept trying plugging in different USB ports for both the Logitech mouse and the Razer Megalodon Headset and it worked! YAY! WOHOO!

    Thank and close please
  4. Glad to hear you got it fixed!
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