Is there a better CPU I can put in a Dell Inspiron 8600?

My dad's replacing his laptop inverter, keypad, ram, and I was wondering if his CPU is prop. for that model? I haven't really messed with laptops just desktops so i dont know what i'm getting into exactly with an OEM laptop. His laptop is a Dell Inspiron 8600.
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  2. I highly recommend not going that route with a laptop. Look at it this way: if you find a compatible chip (i.e. same socket) and it happens to be slightly better performance wise, it may not match up to the motherboard in regard to TDP or power required to run it. Some chips are 35 watts, while some are 44 watts, for example, even though they may be the same socket. Furthermore, a chip with better performance tends to put out more heat, which may overwhelm the stock heat sink and such, which in turn can turn into a messy situation and ruin the whole laptop.

    Finally, it is a major PITA to take apart a laptop.
  3. I have an inspiron 8600 as a spare laptop. While it would be possible you could only put in another pentium M chip and there arent that many around any more. It would eb easier and maybe cheaper just to buy a new machine. Some laptops solder in the CPU I dont recall of the inspiron does that
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