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Hey guys as you can probably tell im new here, but i've been reading the site for many years. I value the information provided here at THG and i had a question for all of you. I am currently running an outdated system an AthlonXP 1800 on an abit KG7 mobo, and i am currently using a TT Dragon orb for my HSF and man is it loud, think jet engine, anyway my cpu isnt OCed and wont be OCed so i was wondering what, in your guys' opinion is the best HSF combo that will keep my stock speed cpu cool and to where i do not hear a thing with the side panel on...

i was looking at that TT fanless heatsink.. even though they show it with a fan next to it... havent seen very many reviews out there for that.. i dont really want to spend the money on water cooling since im going to be building a new computer at some point and may incorporate water cooling into that machine.

thanks for your input have a great day guys.

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  1. There are loads and loads of quiet fans that would do the job especially if you are not overclocking... I used to use a Akasa AK827 Quiet Fan which was only £12 and it was good for overclocking a 2500+ to 3200+ with very reasonable temps. It was also quiet and never bothered me.

    Not as quiet as <A HREF="http://freespace.virgin.net/t.ballard/ak4.jpg" target="_new">My current setup though</A>


    <font color=blue>Its winter now... So how come my CPU temp is still </font color=blue><b><font color=red>55C</font color=red></b>
  2. yea it looks noisy... well my system seems to run hot.. for somereason.. i can usually heat my room up with my pc running.. gets even worse if i keep my room lights on. im not sure the exact temp cuz i dont know how to find out, perhaps in bios?, but the physical heat coming off of it seems to warm.. i dont game anymore.. but i guess that doesnt mean i wont be in the future, that new unreal 3 engine looks entising, cant wait for that... yea i know there a ton out there but for whatever reason im hesitant, i am sure however that my dragon orb is a little much... i was looking at that whisper something or other in one of the THG reviews.
  3. All systems run fairly warm... and remember that the fact that it is heating your room is good - ie. the heat is being removed from the CPU into the air!

    Temps are available in the bios but <A HREF="http://mbm.livewiredev.com/" target="_new">this</A> program should provide you with temps in windows.

    There is no real need to be hesitant. Just find a couple of HSF's you like the look of and look for some reviews with Google. Anything in the range of 25db should be fairly unintusive. Depends what you expect from quiet though....

    To me quiet is near silent where the only noise is my hard drive!


    <font color=blue>Its winter now... So how come my CPU temp is still </font color=blue><b><font color=red>55C</font color=red></b>
  4. Yes, quiet as in only hearing my hard drive, which i have to say is being rather noisey lately as well... Id like to have processes running while i sleep but i cant with the annoying whistle/hum that comes off of it, it even over powers my box fan that i have blowing in my room... my room is the hottest room in the house i have to have the window open even though it -5 with windchill outside.

    I was reading a review or a guide to water cooling here on THG and they mentioned that you could run a water cooling system through a freezer or fridge to get better cooling. that would be an interesting mod to see.

    what do you think about fan controls.. that prolly for peopel who are really into gaming or OCing, should i trust the mobo to automatically control the fan speed?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by CADtech on 01/18/05 11:29 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  5. If you're looking to quiet down the system, get a Thermalright HS and a slow spinning 80 MM or 120 MM fan. They'll allow you plenty of cooling and also keep really quiet. There are probably some out there (I didn't check) that are S462 and 939/775 compatible so that you could use it during your next upgrade (not sure on that though). A fan controller is not just for hardcore people. It seems like that may also help your situation. Another potential helper is to peel off your HSF, blow any/all the dust and junk out of it and apply new thermal paste (generic or AS). This can sometimes reduce the temps by a noticable amount depending on how much has been sucked up.

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  6. Thermaltake Silentboost K7. Cool, quiet and does the job. Not a lot of sheckels either...

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  7. yea when i built it it was intended for gameing.. a few years ago.. so i left the sides off and had a box fanblowing on it, now i just have the side off so it getts pretty dusty in there ive blown it out a couple of times with those dusters poof big cloud of dust ... anyway i think im going with the spire whisperrock 4 saw some good reviews and looks easy to install.

    thanks for your reply
  8. welp.. as you can tell by m other thread i am now having trouble with my copmuter after installing this new hardware... but i found another noisey culprit after installing my heatsink and fan.. the stupid chipset fan.. noiser then id ever y=think it was.. can i replace this with just a large heat sink instead of having a fan....?

    perhaps this? http://www.endpcnoise.com/cgi-bin/e/nb47j.html
  9. Should do just fine
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