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I started using a program at work that requires files to be downloaded from the internet. The files are not actually downloaded but are “opened”. As you know, this results in the file being downloaded to you windows temp directory. I have very little room on my C drive (about 120MB free of a 1GB partition) and have already cleaned out everything possible including moving programs to a different drive and making sure all temp files and temp internet files are gone. Since it is a company machine I don’t really have to many options to resolve this problem.


How can I change the location where temporary files are stored? (not temporary internet files, temporary files that are saved when you choose to open instead of save) The default is c:\windows\temp. I would like to change it to a different drive completely. Does anyone know if this is possible? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.
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  1. i seem to recall from the old dos days that you can put an environment variable in the config.sys file and specify the location of the Temp directory

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  2. You will want to do two things. From within IE you go:

    tools>internet options>temporary internet files >settings>move folder

    and set it to x:\temp

    and then in your autoexec.bat have the line


    Then when you "open a file from its current location" the downloaded file goes to x:\temp, and if it is an installation program like in your example it will then use y:\temp as its temporary dir for after it prompts you for installation. x and y can be the same drive of course.

    John A
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