I cannot install wep EX 330+DX dot matrix printer on windows 7 ultimate...pls pl

i am not able to install my printer i.e, wipro's wep EX 330+DX dot matrix printer on my windows 7 ultimate from several days......pls pls help
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  1. Do you have a Windows 7 or Vista driver for that printer? What is the problem or error?
  2. i dnt no which driver to use.........actually after installing the printer when i gv print cmd, there is no action in the printer.....
    is it a driver problem or port(lpt1) problem.......coz i checkd in Device Manager->Ports, its showing only COM1 port and no LPT1,so is it a port problem or driver problem..........pls re
  3. Is the printer connected to a parallel port? What driver did you install?
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