Overkill check before I spend $2000

Hey guys u proably get these kinda posts all the time so I'll keep ti short and appreciate any feedback you care to give

to put it simply going for a core componet upgrade for a home use gamming system

AMD 939 3500 CPU (newcastle 130nm)

74GB 10K 8MB SATA Western Digital Hard drive

1024MB 3200XL Corsair Twnix memeory

Asus A8V-Deluxe motherbaord

Gainward 256MB 6800GT Ultra VGA card

Does this seem like a soild mix ? are there any componet in here which are overkill for this setup (I'm still tossing up between CL2 and XL memeory as not sure if lower latency will make that much of a diff).

Any other thoughts in general.

Hehehe I'm sure looking for some reassurance before I go and blow 4 weeks pay hehehe

btw in case your wondering why this will cost me $2000 is cos its in AUS dollars
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  1. Try to get the Winchester 90nm instead of the Newcastle.

    And why not going with a nForce board instead of the VIA chipset? And a socket 754 will be faster at the same price.

    You might want to add another cheap storage HD while using the Raptor for booting etc..
  2. The 90 nano 3500 (winchester) is a better chip. The nforce boards do seem to be cooler, due to the single chip chipset.
    The s754 boards are more tried and tested, but there are no 90 nano chips for them.
    I would like to see an agp nforce s939 board from Abit, or Asus.
  3. getting the winchester is going to be near impossible in this country for the near future

    didn't realise there were nForce boards for the 939's checking out MSI's K8N Neo2 now. but I take it nForce is worth the extra $75 over the $200 VIA

    I'm good for HD space already have an 80GB from old system

    gees now u got me thinking about new MB's hehehe, but damn glad I posted coulda ended up with no nForce3 !<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Phasics on 01/20/05 05:16 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  4. I have had more luck with gigabyte than MSI. Check out the gigabyte boards as well.
    Where are you? I thought the winchester cores had good distribution. If they can get the s939 3000 and 3200, they can get winchesters
  5. down in Australia

    most places here simply advertise 3500 AMD 939 as just that I've had to ask sales department what the die size is

    its funny one place acutally sent me an e-mail back saying how do you tell the differnce between Newcastle and Winchester LOL,

    anyway I've just scoped out the Gigabyte K8NS-939 which looks pritty good and is a reasonable price too.
  6. Is there such a thing as a AMD 3200 939 with 130nm die or are all the 3200 939's 90nm

    becuase easy to get a 3200 939 in Aus and 90nm would prob do a better OC than a 3500 130nm
  7. Based on your advice here the revamped selection

    AMD 939 3200 CPU (winchester 90nm) and I'll OC towards 2.6Ghz with Zalman bigass copper cooler

    74GB 10K 8MB SATA Western Digital Hard drive

    1024MB 3200XL Corsair Twnix memeory

    Gigabyte K8NS-939 (with nForce3 ultra)

    Gainward 256MB 6800GT Ultra VGA card

    Does that sound more like a solid system ?
  8. How long till the Nforce4 comes out? Might be worth waiting a little longer, esspecially if you plan on keeping the system for a long time (High end AGP graphics cards are prob not going to exist for much longer).
    You thought about crucial ballistix memory? It is sposed to be the best memory around.
  9. One place to cut costs in that system is the RAM. IMO, 2-2-2 is overrated and is mainly for bragging rights and less for performance. True, those chips will also get you to 500+ MHz, but not at 2-2-2, and there are cheaper ways to do that. If you're gonna overclock, think what'll be your final FSB and get RAM to go with that.

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  10. I know that endyen has informed you that he likes Gigabyte over MSI, but I have actually purchased the MSI K8N Neo2 plat mobo and I love it. I have heard good things about this Gigabyte board as well though. But I will personally vouch for the MSI board.
  11. well like I said I can find winchester for 3000 and 3200 its just the 3500 which are hard to find.

    I've check out both the MSI and Giga and based on several reviews I'm leaning towards Gigabyte at the moment

    as for nForce4 and PCI express cards imho I'd rather get a solid proven nForce3, as nForce4 and PCI express really arnt going to become a neccesity for at least until my next upgrade which is usally every 2-3 harware generations.
    and AGP 8x is still enough to fully ultilise the top end cards. imho its not worth waiting for PCI express versions of the top end card to be realsed here just so I can use an nForce4 board, I'm quite happy sitting 1 bar below the cutting edge.

    And finally as for the RAM your probably right as I'm looking to over clock the 3200 to 2.6Ghz that be a FSB of about 260ish so I'll still need RAM that can handle 275 to be comfortable. might even get 2GB if I go with cheaper RAM
  12. If that doesn't keep a smile on your face, for a long time, nothing will.
  13. Trust me going from Athlon XP 1700 with Geforce 3 Ti200 to 3200 with Gainward 6800 Ultra

    The simle is gonna be so wide it'll meet at the back of my head
  14. Is there a big price difference in other countries between 3200 and 4000 RAM?
  15. well here in Aus there about a $30 diff between Corsair 3200XL and Corsair 4000Pro
  16. This is just my opinion, but thats not really alot of difference in US dollars. I would personally want the faster one for the overclocking potential. Oh, and if you can get the Corsair XMS series without the LED's that come on the PRO model for a cheaper price then say the hell with the PRO. I think that the only difference is the little lights, but check to make sure.
  17. Yep lights are the only diff

    and the $30 diff is for the 3200XL without lights

    the 3200XL PRO is more expensive than the 4000
  18. Quote:
    I've check out both the MSI and Giga and based on several reviews I'm leaning towards Gigabyte at the moment

    You don't happen to remember where you saw these reviews do you?? I only ask because I am about to construct another system, and I would be very interested in checking out these reviews first.
  19. http://www.legionhardware.com/html/doc.php?id=376

    this is the review for the Giga that finally got me decided on it over the MSI

    MSI review here
  20. Hmmm... those articles seem pretty similar to me. But I did notice the Gigabyte was about $13 cheaper on Newegg, so just on that fact alone I might pick it. What I really need is a comparison done on the performance of these two boards, I just don't think that is out there anywhere.
  21. Perhaps if we are lucky we will get this test done by THG... or maybe we will get REALLY lucky and they will review mouse pads AGAIN!!! :mad:
  22. Quote:
    and the $30 diff is for the 3200XL without lights

    the 3200XL PRO is more expensive than the 4000

    Get the 4000
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