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Sorry if this is under the incorrect section. I have an Asus K53e and the touchpad buttons do not work. I installed the newest driver from the Asus website and the touch part works but the buttons do not. I am running Windows 7 64-bit and I don't know if it is a hardware or driver issue. I rarely use it as I normally use a USB mouse like I am now.

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  1. Sometimes, when you connect a USB mouse, the touchpad is disabled. To see if that is the problem, go to Control Panel/Mouse to verify your settings and to uncheck the disable touchpad box.

    Good luck!
  2. I checked and it is enabled and it still does not work even when the USB mouse is unplugged.

    Edit: It also has the ability to tap the touchpad to click and this is not working either.
  3. Go into Device Manager. Find the touchpad and right click on it. Uninstall the device and remove the drivers (when asked). Restart the system, enter the BIOS and disable the touchpad if you can. Save the BIOS settings and restart the computer with the mouse attached. Allow the system to fully boot up.

    Then, restart and go into the BIOS. Enable the touchpad. Save the BIOS settings and restart the system. Windows will detect the "new" device and reload drivers for the touchpad. That should solve the issue if there is a software problem.

    Good luck!
  4. Okay so after doing this I can now right click but still cannot left click or tap it to click. Should I install the driver from Asus again?
  5. You can try. It sounds like a potential hardware issue though. Is this system still under warranty?
  6. I have not installed it yet as I do not know which one to click. Here are the files that were in the .zip file.
  7. Try Version V15.3.6.0 first. Then try the Elantech Touchpad driver (it is the most current).
  8. Does it matter that the older two are a different brand then the other which is the one that came on my computer?

    Edit: I'm booting my computer from my Ubuntu flash driver to determine if it is a hardware issue.
  9. okay so I am running Ubuntu right now and the left click button does not function but the touchpad, right click, and tap to click are working. Does this mean that this is a hardware problem. The computer is still under warranty but I don't care enough to send it in. Could it be that Ubuntu doesn't have the right driver, I never installed one.
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    Touchpads generally work well with generic drivers. Since the problem exists in both Windows and Linux, I suspect that the issue is a hardware one.

    You can live with it and use a mouse or get it serviced.

    Of course, you could also try to replace the touchpad yourself, but that would void your warranty.
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  12. I just want to COLGeek for your help. I just ended up disassembling it. The issue is that the way the buttons are placed inside the case can cause the right button to prevent the left button from pressing the button on the motherboard. I moved them around and this has freed them. It works just like new!
  13. Good job! Have fun!!!
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