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I'm looking to buy a new gaming mouse, but I've never had one I'm not really sure what to look for. My price range is under $75. I have been primarily a console FPS gamer in the past and have recently started to transition to PC FPS gaming. Battlefield 3 and whatnot. My grip type seems to hover around a fingertip/claw grip style, and I have probably a somewhat below-average sized hand. After some research I'm leaning toward a Logitech G500, although I'm still kind of on the fence about the Razer Imperator.

If you have either of those two, please let me know what you think of it for your style....other recommendations would be very helpful, as well. I'm currently using a Logitech M305....just a general purpose mouse...kinda sucks for gaming :-/

Side note: It's my birhday so I wanted to get a nice mouse for myself ^_^
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  1. in my personal experience as long as the mouse is comfortable you can adapt to it and make it work for you. skill in a game is not tied to a name moniker such as "gaming" being attached to a product. even a $5 mouse can beat someone with a $80 one.

    that said... quite a few people seem to recommend the logitech gaming mice, myself included. i've never had their gaming lineup but i've had great luck with all the logitech products i've had in the past. for the price they are worthwhile.

    as far as razer products go, they are adequate. i myself use the razer deathadder and it works exactly as it should and is quite comfortable. the only problem i have is that the rubber surface can become sticky if you clean it with anything but water or a cleaner that leaves a slick surface. cleaning with lysol, clorox, or other solvents will cause the rubber surface to become a dust magnet making the mouse feel very gritty. overall i'm happy but the finish was not a great choice on their part.
  2. i got a cyber snipa stinger for the past 3 yrs, very good mouse, they have a new model out now that looks just great and i hear is very sturdy for the price, check them out,
  3. Personally I prefer the Imperator...had logitech G5 and Microsoft X3. Go to the store and see if you can try your hand on those physically to find out how comfortable they are in you hand. Tech-wise, I find Razer has an edge, but that is each to their own.
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