ASUS N61JQ Error message and no OS boot.

I started my new laptop up today and it worked beautifully, I started doing the recommended steps to making a recovery partition and recovery disks with the owners manual. While I was waiting for it to load I went into my room and fell asleep accidentally (I know). Anyhow when I come back there is this error on the screen "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device"

In the BIOS I look and it says only my optical drive is present in the laptop, even though the Hard Drive is humming beautifully and stuff, it doesn't even register my USB's.

Anyhow anyone have any thoughts on something I can do to fix this, I really don't want to send it back to the manufacturer as I'm going to school in 9 days and don't want to screw myself over for classes.


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  1. When you went into the BIOS, was the hard drive selected as the primary boot device after the CD-ROM? If so, try removing the CD/DVD you were using to create the back up with and re-boot.
  2. The hard drive was not present in the bios, the optical drive was selection 1, and then there was nothing else at all, there were no discs in the optical drive either. So literally the only thing being recognized was the optical drive, which didn't help me much...
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