Cinema 4D - Laptop or Desktop?

Hey everyone, I use Cinema 4D to do character animation. Being a fairly intensive application, the best bang for my buck, so to speak, is quite important.

However, I love laptops, and would much prefer a laptop over a desktop. But I'm aware that the CPUs and graphics cards for desktop far outperform their laptop counterparts.

So I'm trying to decide whether I want the benefits of a laptop or desktop performance, and wondered if you lot could help.

I'm willing to trade off some speed for the benefits of a laptop, but if there is absolutely no contest, for whatever reasons you lot give, I shall have to get a desktop. However, if you lot feel the performance isn't really that compromised in real world situations, I'd more than happily go for a laptop.

This is mostly theoretical at this point, so don't worry too much about budget and whatnot, though mostly it's going to be fairly high-end, probably with i7s, around 8gb of RAM, good graphics (nvidia, preferably), etc.

So in summary, my question is this: in the real world, for 3D, do you need a desktop?

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  1. Cinmea 4D benefits from faster CPUs so similar configured desktops will outperform laptops but as far as handling it, a laptop with Core i7QM should handle it fine without problems
  2. Check out these Dell Precision Notebooks. Professional grade and solidly suited for what you are describing. Available in quad core configs.

    PS: Not trying to start any anti-Dell rants.
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