PROBLEMS, of the serious nature.

Thursday was a bad day. A real bad day which involved 2 dead motherboads an a graphics card.

I recently installed a water cooler on my 9800pro, and after a day of use (no 3D gaming) I started to see wierd lines zipping across the screen. These disappeared, then came back about an hour later. I decided to check whether I could play 3D games on the card, and it just went crazy. I couldnt see anything.

I tried to restart the PC, and it refused to (the fans spin up, but no beeps / output from the motherboard). I took off the water block and looked for signs of water damage on the card. there was none (no leaks or anything). The card looks fine.

I put it down to my crappy powersupply which had been giving me problems lately. As some of you may know, I have just bought a new PSU, and when it came, I plugged it in, hoping this would rectify the problem. It did not.

So, I tryed putting my dad's Geforce 2MX card in my motherboard. Still no output. Fine, the motherboard must be dead I thought.

I put my 9800pro in my dad's Pc just to check it still output! 'What? Not the motherboard and gpu :frown: ' I thought.

I put everything back into my dad's Pc that belonged, turned his Pc on...

His PC started for a second, shut off, and looped back on. On off on off on off (around a second on, second off) ... I took the motherboard out of the case, ran it with just 1 stick of RAM, no drives, etc...same problem.

So I'm reconning the GPU has killed both motherboards?

This morning I was trying to get something out of my dad's pc...just a flicker of life - that's all I wanted. I set the mult to 5.5 and the FSB to started for a longer time (maybe 5 seconds)...hmm? I disabled the thermal protection - LIFE!...but not as we know it - I got into the BIOS to be greeted with a CPU temp of 127c?! Surely, even in th BIOS, the processor couldn't run at those temps - so I dismissed them as an error. After a couple of minutes sitting at the BIOS, it shut down, and I have had nothing from it since. The CPU core seems undamaged.

So, to recap:

I have changed the graphics cards, CPU's and RAM between both PC's hoping to find the problem - nothing.

My PC:
AMD 2500
PC 3200 RAM
Chaintech Zenith Ultra NF2 Mobo

Dads PC:
AMd 2100
PC2700 RAM
Soltek mobo, VIA chipset
Geforce 2 MX.



OK it's your choice:
You can have the boat, or you can have the Mystery Box!
...Hey wait a minute! A boat's a boat, but a Mystery Box could be anything. It could even be a boat
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  1. ARGH! At least look at the thread :lol:

    OK it's your choice:
    You can have the boat, or you can have the Mystery Box!
    ...Hey wait a minute! A boat's a boat, but a Mystery Box could be anything. It could even be a boat
  2. Quote:

    Sorry, but it sounds like you're hosed to me. <i>Maybe</i> two new motherboards and a new graphics card will get you straightened out. I've seen something similar happen to a friend once who had his PC fried by lightning. He tried swapping out parts with another PC only to have the damaged components damage the other PC as well. Granted, that was five years ago. I'd have hoped that by now we'd have better protection from bad parts than that. But your story makes me think that we don't.

    Of course it could be a bad power main in your house ... maybe.

    I don't suppose that any of your parts are still under warranty?

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  3. Already tried a CMOS reset? Maybe PCI graphics card?
  4. That's why I keep an old Matrox millenia 4mb PCI Video card around. I would stick it in and see what happens. If I got video I might try and flash the 9800Pro BIOS and continue trouble shooting down the line. Sure you didn't static-trash anything?

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  5. Okay, you've had the bad news, now for the worse news.
    What ever took out your system probably destroyed your chip's voltage regulation, and probably shorted the graphics card. When you put the shorted graphics card in your dad's system, you probably blew his v-regs as well, and took out his chip.
    I would not try checking any of those parts out. Esp not the Radeon. Time for a new system, or two.
  6. When you got to the BIOS screen did you happen to look at what it had your memory speed listed as? If you can still get to the BIOS, see if the speed is correct or if it is listed as something like half the speed it is suppose to be. Also see if there are any scrambled words or letters on the initial boot up screen that list the system specs. This sounds like an issue that I am very familiar with. Sound like to me the Video card has killed both systems. It is very possible that you could have had a water leak so small that as soon as the water hit the card, it evaporated but still caused the damage. If you have a magnifing glass get the card under some very good light and look for discoloration especially around the memory chips.
  7. Right, I'm back online at last!

    Needed a new Mobo (ASUS A7N8X-X) and Processor (AMD SEMPRON 2500+)

    I'm going to be getting an AMD64 and NF3 / 4 mobo - any suggestions?

    P.S My 9800pro isn't dead, I tried it in an old Dell we have and got a display :lol:

    OK it's your choice:
    You can have the boat, or you can have the Mystery Box!
    ...Hey wait a minute! A boat's a boat, but a Mystery Box could be anything. It could even be a boat
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