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Why does my VPN connectio run OK in windows XP, but gives me an error 734 in Windows 7
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  1. If I recall correctly (and I may not), I believe that's the other machine tossing you out for failing authentication. Make sure the connection security is set to not use a secured password, i.e., check "Allow unsecured password" in the dial->properties->

    Also make sure you're not "including Windows login domain".
  2. Thanks
    I have worked some more and found the differences.
    XP uses MS CHAP v1 and Win 7 uses MS CHAP v2.

    We still have a lot of XP machines, is there a way to implement MS CHAP v1 on a Win 7 system ??
  3. Why would you want to lessen security? You should be moving in the other direction...
  4. I dont, but it will take some time, and people using W 7 now stille have to get access to our servers
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