what does NM mean?

I have been reading about the amd64 130nm and the 90nm.

I'm just wondering what nm means?
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  1. nanometer

    Transistor size.
  2. is the 90 alot better then the 130?
  3. The 90nm is much cooler and has greater overclocking potential.
  4. smaller transistors mean less heat dissipation which generally results in longer CPU life, faster clock speeds, and less power consumption.
  5. The short answer is "yes" the 90nm is better than the 130nm
  6. Unless you're Intel.

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  7. What he means by "Unless you're Intel" is that Intel's migration from 130nm (Northwood) to 90nm (Prescott) resulted in a cpu producing significantly more heat than its predecessor. Of course, they've increased the number of components in addition to the shrink in transistor size. Theoretically, if it's only a die-shrink, it should have produced a better cpu.
  8. Guess he missed the Pentium M.


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