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I'm considering buying a couple different laptops used via craigslist and both potential sellers have agreed to meet me so i can check out the laptops. Is there anything besides cosmetic damage and whether or not it turns on I should be looking for specifically? I guess I'm wondering what kind of questions should I ask the seller. I just want to make sure I'm not buying garbage.
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  1. First, ask if there have been any major drops or anything traumatic like that. The reasoning is rather obvious there. Next, power each of them up and make sure that they aren't running overly hot, i.e. ensures that the fans are working. Finally, ask where it has been used, i.e. a lot of use on a flat surface like a desk or a lot of use on say, a rug. You'll want to hear on a flat, hard surface, as it helps to dispense with the heat. Any extended use on a surface that does not disperse heat well can lead to heat damage over time.
  2. If you have a budget of $175 to $200, you can get a decent Laptop
    with 1gb memory, 40 to 60 gb hard disk, wireless, enough within that price range.

    Off-lease system and with 30day warranty.

    Off-lease lease computers are professionally used in corporations.

    check this out or call them they will help
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