I need this PC to show a boston IP address

I need my laptop to appear as a massachusetts/boston IP address. I am from boston but im currently in costa rica... i want to listen to the patriots game but the radio station that broadcasts it online is only accessible to regional listeners. (according to their info page).

I dont know for sure how it works, since this will be the first time i tried listening to it outside boston. But i want to get a workaround figured out before the game starts just in case i have a chance to make it work.

I am wondering if i can get around this with something like TOR browser or something similar... as far as i can tell TOR assigns a random IP but nothing i can choose.

Thanks for any help on this.
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  1. Hi,

    Please see link below, these are a list of proxy server which should do the job

  2. thanks, the closest i see on their is providence RI but that might be good enough... im pretty new to this though, what should i do with that now?
  3. If you are running Firefox you can use the Foxy Porxy add on.


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