Major CPU Agony


I'm planning to change CPU's should I do it...
I was looking at the newer Pentium 4 530 (3.0 Ghz)
Can anyone recommend this newer style of CPU, I've noticed the fan (cooler) might be a lot noisier, also I will of course have to change my MOBO...

My concern is the performance, will pen4 530 beat Pen4 2.8???
My cpu is the Pentium 4 (Prescott) (C) 2.8 Ghz 1Mb LCache version... on a ASUS P4P800 SE (800FSB) board,
with a Radeon 7500 64Mb. AGP card and 2 times 256 DDR-SDRAM (PC 3200) ...

So I'm looking to go for a new ASUS board in order to upgrade my Video card to a PCI express version
because it seems that nowadays there a more pci express card out there that the orthodox AGP bus ..
I looked at a LGA 775 Board with DDR2 support...

What differences can I expect changing from DDR 515 PC3200 plus 2.8 Ghz Prescott plus a Radeon 7500
TO a ... LGA775 Pentium 530 , DDR2 512mb and a high core video card on PCI Express x 16 ...

I hope these specifications are enough for you to diagnose a good analysis..

thank you in advance


P.S. Can you please recommend me the standard safe temperature for a CPU Pentium prescott 2.8 GHz (800Mhz) 1mb Lcache... And what the safe temperatures are when overclocking???
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  1. I can answer a few questions but probably not all of them. First, the CPU swap: do not do it. It might be a tad faster but truthfully isn't worth the money.
    To make your system faster, and get the most bang for your buck, you should buy 2*512mb of decent memory (corsair, Geil etc), and get a Geforce 6600GT OR 6800GT if you can afford it. AGP graphics cards will play all current games for at least 12-18 months. I think the GPU swap will give the most improvement, followed by the memory upgrade. The CPU swap will give the least performance boost, and the mobo change will probably not result in any performance increase. DDR2 will not offer significan't bonuses until the clock speeds get another boost (DDR2-667 really isn't much faster than DDR400 with good timings, plus you'd need expensive new DDR2 memory to go with the mobo). This was wordy I know but you had a lot of questions. Hope it helps, Phil
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