Help on upgrade for hp pavilion dv6138eu

i upgraded my dv6138eu from 1GB RAM to 4GB and from 80GB hdisk to 500GB hdisk without knowing that my laptop has 2GB max RAM which i found here.

and the max hdisk 200GB page 123,

i was able to do a fresh install of win7 and it works fine, it says that i have 4GB ram and 500GB hdisk then suddenly i got these not responding apps like IE, installing drivers and stuff. which I think wouldnt eat that much ram. so i concluded that its either the ram or hdisk.

could somebody help me?

thanks in advance.
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  1. Try removing one of the sticks of ram that you installed and see if it improves. Chances are that if it works fine, it has something to do with the max ram limit being exceeded, which is throwing something off on the motherboard,
  2. ok ill try that, is there a way to find out if the RAM is working perfectly or not aside for having frequent hangs. thanks!
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