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I found in certain reviews that Dell U2311H is an IPS panel, but is LCD. Also it is superior when compared to some LED back lit TN panels(of course, IPS panels are better). So what exactly is the difference between LED back lit and LCD? Is the difference substantial?
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    They are both LCDs, LED is just the backlight technology used. It's not LCD OR LED, it's LCD with LED.

    A LED backlit TN panel would have a worse display quality than a regular IPS.
  2. Check this wiki article. Everything is an LCD... well if not crt or plasma.

    IPS was a huge step forward when they went from TN. Its simply the way they switch "the crystal molecules move parallel to the panel plane instead of perpendicular to it" However TN panels are cheaper to produce. Now Samsung has come out with PLS which is similar to ips? but cheaper to produce. I just ordered an s24a850 and will give PLS a shot.
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