Ppga478 vs pga478, core 2 quad mobile vs core 2 duo mobile

Hi guys, was contemplating updating my laptop processor with a quad core for future-proofness

I have an old 2006 Dell Inspiron 6400

Just put a 2 GB stick and it works perfectly alongside a 512 stick though the manual says only a max of 2GB is supported, and only in matching pairs

So am wondering what else I can get away with? :P

apparently core 2 quads only came out in the last cpl yrs(!)

2 yrs after dell last updated the 945 PM (motherboard) firmware

my processor is

so uses a PPGA 478

whereas the Quads use PGA 478

Any pin difference? And if not, will the BIOS support these? lol

A quick look at the datasheets
Duo chipset
kinda looks like they won't match...but it's been a few years science my computer science days...
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  1. The C2Q's require more wattage to run and it can be hard to tell if your motherboard/power supply can support it. Plus, you would have to worry about the extra heat generated by a C2Q, as the heat sink and fans might not be able to keep up. Your best bet is to save up and buy a new laptop.
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