Nf7 v2 with mobile 2500+

Anyone see any problems with this combo? Or should I go for a 3000+ or 3200+ with the 400 fsb? (It is a v2)

Going to be used as a general home PC (not a hardcore gamer) just web, burning, etc
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  1. Those two will work fine.

    An A64 system would perform better, for not much more. Obviously that's entirely up to you though, if the added price is worth it.

    A XP-M + NF7 V2 is especially great for overclocking, if that's your bag btw.

    If you're not remotely concerned about Overclocking you could save some more $ by buying a non-mobile 2500+ as well.

    If you really just want an internet & media PC then a Sempron would be good enough (hell, a 1.2Ghz PIII or something would do :eek: ).. So don't get too hung up on performance numbers. Don't be tempted to get a better processor if it means gettting less RAM or a slower/smaller Hard drive, for instance.

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  2. A friend gave me the nf7 for $50. So since I have the board, might aswell put it to use.
  3. I have two systems with that combo. One a NF7 rev 2 and one a NF7-S rev 2. The two mobile XP2500+'s do 2.4GHz and 2.6GHz, but I usually run them slower to be able to lower voltages and decrease fan speed (noise). Great combo. Not up to A64 specs, but if you have the mobo, a XP-M is the way to go. XP3200+ speeds (2.2GHz) will be easy to obtain and most likely at default XP3200+ voltage (1.65v). Boost the voltage and bump up that multiplier and most likely 2.4 GHz will be possible, and maybe more.

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  4. OR, since he doesn't need anything with too much power, he could undervolt/underclock and have a real quiet system :smile: .

    2Ghz @ 1.4V should be do-able with no hassle. Stick a nice big HS on there with a big slow fan, and you're not listening to a drone all the time!

    I would say underclock even more if the board supports lower voltages (which it probably does), it's just that mine only goes down to 1.4V, and my 1700+ will do 2Ghz at that, so why go lower? :eek:

    All Depends how much power you need.. But an XP-M gives a lot of flexibility either way!

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  5. Yep. great combo.
    the XP-M should be a good overclocker, or run stock speed at 1.4v or less for cool near silent running.

    The only thing you will notice different is the CPU identification at bootup will say something like "AMD processor blah" instead of XPxxxx+.

    Also on first bootup the voltage may be set too high and you will have to manually adjust it to normal.

    Ive got a XP-M2500+ and it can get to 2333Mhz without breaking a sweat. Shame im kinda mobo/ram limited by then.

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  6. I have a NF7-S rev2

    can do 2.6ghz @ 1.9v. irun at 2.2ghz @ 1.5v tho

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  7. Everyone avoids the huge problem. With that setup, you are going to OC. It will become an adiction. You will never again be happy with a chip at stock speeds.
  8. sad, but very very true...

    In fact you will start buying CPUs based on their OCing ability, rather than their model rating. This is actually a good thing, as it saves quite a bit of cash most of the time :smile:

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  9. I have a NF7 v2.0 and I can live with or without overclocking. Usually I prefer lower temp, so I undervolt instead of overclocking.

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