Is it possible to record from laptop to hdd using hdmi cable

I want to copy to a hdd recorder , video from lap top is it possible ?
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  1. So you want to send a video from your laptop to an external hard drive or to a cable box/DVR? If it is the DVR option, I do not believe that it can be done, as they are locked down pretty good by cable and satellite providers.
  2. If you have some device that is capable of recording from HDMI (such as an HDMI capture card on a desktop), and you are not playing HDCP (copy protected) video from your laptop (i.e. not watching a blu ray on it) then it's possible. If either of these two conditions are not satisfied, then you cannot.
  3. i have hdd/dvd recorder and want to download valid video and then record it on to the hdd. am able to record from tv so logically should be able to do so fromlap top connected by hdmi cable but found that the laptop does not recognise that a device is added
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