Can Lcd/Led/Plasma Tv works as regular monitor

I planning to buy a LED monitor in couple of days
looking 23inch or 24 inch or 21 inch all full hd monitor, and now i am thinking will be better to buy LCD/LED/Plasma Tv which will not be Full HD size around 32inch only.

Now my current monitor runs around atleast 10 hours daily. do little bit of games, watch movies in all types (HD, DVD ,etc) and mainly works , netting and office works as well.

now if i go for TV it i will not be Full HD, but the size will be big, and price will be high too.

And i have no plan to change my new monitor or TV for next 5 years.

The reason i thinking about TV is because of size, having usb port and wall mount.

while monitor will be smaller size less expensive , no port , full hd and no wall mount.

So will Tv will be able to handle 10 hours atleast max 15 hours daily for next 5 years or will monitor.

As the current i have CRT monitor it have been more than 9 years and now i having some problem with it.
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    first of all you can get 1920x1080 (1080p) televisions in a 32" size. this is considered as HD. i dont know why you would think differently.

    second, price is determined by quality. you haven't named a budget. keep in mind that if you buy something too cheap it might prematurely fail.

    third, running any screen for 10-15 hours daily every single day for 5+ years is expecting quite a bit out of a screen. sure quite a few screens might have zero issues but it is still impossible to 100% guarantee that there will be zero issues.

    fourth, you can wallmount monitors as well as tvs. just get a monitor with a vesa-mounting pattern on the back if this is the route you wish to go.

    fifth, i know you can get usb ports on monitors. however, in your case using ones on a case or keyboard might be more beneficial as it seems you want the screen to be further away than normal (hence the wall hanging).

    lastly, a television might be bigger but realize that the more you increase a screens size while maintaining the same resolution the less clear the image will look. typically televisions are better for movies and games and monitors are better for web, office and games. you can use any screen for any task but it will be not as ideal as the other choice. take your pick.


    as far as television brands...i've had good luck with my sony bravia. i run it about 5 hours a day and have done so for the past 3 years or so. i've had not issues but i do not push the television as hard as you seem to want to.

    as far as monitors go...just buy a reputable brand....and a warranty if you are worried about premature failure.
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