Help me find a laptop (Student, light,powerful, under 1500)

School is starting up in a month and I will be getting an extra 2000 from my school, 500 of it or so is going to pay off some bills and expenses but I'm pretty much going to have an extra $1500.

I already have a super computer for gaming, so I don't really need a super powerful gaming laptop...but that's not to say I wouldn't mind playing some games on my laptop.

No Apple please, preferably HP or Toshiba or Sony

Here is what I prefer:

4GB Ram


15-17 inches

I need to be able to easily carry this laptop around with me at school, my old laptop was a brick.

Is there a huge difference between the i5 and the i7?
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  1. How much battery life do you need ?
  2. Going to have it plugged in most of the time so its not a huge issue. What's the standard? 3 hours? That's fine.

    Also, I just discovered that the i7 is quad. So I would prefer that
  3. Sager NP7110 would be good
    As for battery life,well there isn't anything standard because each laptop has different specs.
  4. Hi,

    try here:

    Just put "powerful laptop, core i7, memory above 4GB, long battery life, light weight" in the search box.
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