DSpice....Please Help Driver?

ok my husband has a usb microphone it got from guitar world my dog chewed up the original USB cord and we went to radio shack to get another one well when he plugs it up into the USB port on his labtop it doesnt work. but when we plug it up into my another labtob it works. PLease help I have tried to restore the system didnt work and when i check the properties in the device manager it gave me a message saying the PCI to usb host controller configuration was incomplete or damaged so my question is do i need a new driver and can i get one on free on line that will work. his deadline is tomorrow evening n i dont have the money for it so can someone give me a solution please please.

Also when the computer restarted the microphone came one but then went off after computer started up
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  1. user the link for the laptop maker and with the name and model download the usb controller driver they are usualy free.
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