Any AOL user?

When I would come here to the community using AOL a lot of times it would slow down to a craw, and I have DSL. The last time I formatted I didn't install AOL and used MSN and it was much faster. I double check and installed AOL again and sure enough in no time at all it was back to a craw and so was MSN. I formatted again and didn't install AOL and sure enough the community is fast again. To me or for me just having AOL on my computer makes the community run slow. Has anyone else experience this?

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  1. Don't install AOL. It sucks anyway.

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  2. I use to like AOL e-mail, because I thought it would bring up mail quicker, but now I think it just slowed hotmail down too. I agree it sucks.

    defrage is child's play-fdisk
  3. Down with AOL!

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  4. i believe it has to do with graphics compression in aols browser and all the little ads etc tom has on this site. you wanna see slow, uncheck the graphics compression in your www properties.....

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  5. Maybe also because a trillion people use AOL and AOL is the middle man, everything goes there first before it goes out. I've heard.

    defrage is child's play-fdisk
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