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I have the biostar IDEQ SFF PC and it is running a P4 3.0 HT. However, when i enable the HT i can hear a high whistling sound everytime the cpu performs an operation from me. scrolling with the mouse, opening appz or background appz initializing will make this noise. when i disable HT the noise doesn't happen at all. has anyone else had this issue?
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  1. Perhaps try to update your bios.

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  2. Is this noise coming through your speakers, or from the actual PC?

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  3. I muted all sound and also tried to turning off the speakers. it suounds like it is coming from the processor. i also removed the heatsink and reinstalled it and that didn't help. it doesn't seem to affect performance at all, just really annoying.
  4. Could be just a bad motherboard, if the motherboard voltages are not in regulations you could be in troubles like these.

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  5. I'd try disconnecting the speakers just to make sure, since depending on the speakers the electronic noise might be making it through anyway. But you're probably right that it isn't them. It's just always good to make sure.

    It really sounds like EMI to me though, so time to check for other sources. Does the case have a PC-speaker for beeping at you? Does the motherboard have a feature where it talks errors at you? If so are either of these the source of the noise? And finally, does your BIOS have a "Clock Spread Spectrum" setting?

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  6. unplugged the speakers and still the same noise when using HT. yes, my bios does have spread spectrum. it is enabled right now. what is this feature used for?
  7. Is that a chip with 1 meg cache? Are you using the stock fan? If you answer yes to bothe of the above questions, it is a heat problem. The prescotts do better with water cooling. You may be able to get away with the new zalman fan, and a couple of extra case fans.
  8. yea it has the one meg cache. however, my monitor utility says the cpu temp is 40 C. the weird thing is it only happens when the hyper threading is enabled. does HT use something/more resources than HT disabled?
  9. not a stock heatsink and when i get the fans at 100 % the cpu temp is showing at 29 C.
  10. ok, i figured it out. it was actually the CPU fan control utility that was the problem. as soon as i uninstalled it the noise went away. thanks from everyone that helped.
  11. I'm glad that you were able to solve the problem. :)

    The spread spectrum feature is to reduce electro magnetic interference by (if I understand correctly) slightly fluxuating the CPU clock. This makes it much harder to overclock the CPU, but reduces radio interference and sometimes helps reduce bus instabilities and audio component background signal from electronic noise.

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  12. Yes, HT uses a lot more of the chip.
    Not all temp monitoring is equal. Your temps seem very good. Perhaps a little too good.
    A lot of the early scotties had a problem running HT. Well, actually, they just throttle.
    Did you use AS between the chip and hsf? How secure is the heat sink?
    I would probably try removing the hsf, giving it a good cleaning, and make sure the TIM is good, and the contact great.
  13. I have this EXACT same issue with my computer

    I have a Athlonxp-M and a NF7Srev2

    basically whenever teh CPU is in use, it creates a "buzzing" or "hum". Also happens when i drag windows around or scroll up/down in IE. Playing 3d games creates ALOT of noise, mostly in D3D but not opengl as much

    it drives me crazy beacuse I use voice chat via msn and skype, and whenever I load a game or do anythign the person on the other end hears this annoying screech/hum (i hear it too of course).

    tried messing with spread spectrum settings. dont know whats causing it argh

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  14. Most of the time such problems will be solved after updating drivers etc.. There have been some items on random noise recently, most of the time the noise disappeared after driver upgrades.
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