Serious laptop problem!!! Wont turn on!!!

Ok, so i was installing combat arms on my Latitude D620, and left my computer while installing it. When i came back, the screen said something about a "System hault" and it looked like a blue screen of death, but with vertical black and blue stripes. So i turned the computer off using the power button, and left it a few minutes to cool down. But now, when i try to turn it on again, the laptop starts up, and the Power, hardware, bluetooth and WiFi indicators light up. The screen also lights up, and it summs like usial, but it stays just black. It doesnt even show the POST screen or BOOT screen, just black. Nothing else. Im using Windows XP, and have a dualboot with win XP and Ubuntu. Everything seemed fine until now. And when i held in the volume up button, it made three beeps. It doesnt help to connect it to an external screen either, just tried that and the screen says no signal.

Can someone please help? Is it a virus, or is the motherboard or GPU (quadro NVS 110M) dead, or something?? Please help, it's stressing me out :??:
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  1. fried graphics card, I guess...It looks like the laptop has overheated. Take it to the store to get it fixed.

    how long did you leave it alone for?
    did it say "***HARDWARE MALFUNCTION***"?
    if you press caps lock does it have any response?
    if you just leave it alone after turning it on, does it look like it is goin to boot, like leave it for like 5 minutes and see in those 5 minutes that it had any hard drive activity?
  2. Yes, hardware malfunction i remember now
  3. It is absoluterly normal, responds to capslock and num lock, hard drive faen starts going everything is normal except for just a blank screen. And it kind of smells a little fried inside there :P. But is it expensive to change the graphics card? i have seen a guy on youtube doing it with a laptop as mine i think...
  4. wit i forgot to press fn + f8 and it works... but it has been set to the lowest res. and has red blinking lines vertically all over it... I think its the GPU, thanks.... I was afraid it was a virus :P
  5. the devcice manager says it cannot be turned on or something
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    It is not a virus. The hardware is damaged, you will need to take it to the store and get the graphics card replaced, then it will be all good!
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  8. Thanks alot! we got the computer from my mom or dads work, so if it still has the warranty it will be fixed for free... Hope i get a better GPU than the 64 mb *** card i had :)
  9. Yes it's in for reparation and it still has its warranty after like 3-4 yrs... I have concluded with that its the GPU
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