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I recently bought an 'ULTRA 512MB(PC2700)DDR 333Mhz' RAM upgrade for my Acer Travelmate 2310, which lists its existing RAM as being DDR (PC2700), 166 Mhz. I understand that DDR stands for Double Data Rate, so 2x166=333. The upgrade should have been o.k., however, it made my computer persistently crash as soon as it got fired up. I have now removed it, and the computer works fine. Any suggestions?
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  1. It could be that the computer has a limit to the amount of memory it can handle. If you have too much in it, it can lead to crashing. Or it could be that the extra ram you bought was faulty. To test this, remove the ram in the laptop now and insert the new sticks and see if it continues to crash. If it does, it's defective ram.
  2. Thanks so much for your reply. My computer can take up to 1 G. With the new RAM I am well below that limit. I did experiment with the 2 slots that take RAM. When I switched the two sticks, existing and new RAM, the computer crashed. With the new RAM only, I ended up with the dreaded blue screen. I have, in the meantime, returned the RAM stick to the out-of-town supplier (at a substantial cost to me), but am still considering an upgrade. Shall I just forget about it and save for a new computer?
  3. If you are using a laptop that uses PC2700 RAM, yeah, I'd say that it would be best to save up for a bit and get yourself a more modern laptop. Typically, it isn't worth the time or cost to try and upgrade an ancient laptop, as it really will not help much.
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