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Alright I am about to help my father-in-law build his system. We are most certainly going to go with either the A64 3200+ (s939) or possibly the 3000+ (s939) depending on how much he is willing to spend. We are interested in spending no more than $1500 (Canadian). We do not need monitor, keyboard/mouse, or sound card. Basically I am asking what mobo, and PSU you guys would suggest. I just built my own system and used the MSI K8N Neo2 platinum and I am really happy with it... although I know you can get the Gigabyte board cheaper. I would be interested in seeing a review or just hearing some personal preferrences on these two boards. And I have not been 100% happy with my PSU so I would definitely be interested in some of your feedback on what to get in this area. But possibly the most important question is what graphics card to get for this system. I got the Gainward 6800GT, but I think this might be out of his price range (although now that I look at some prices I don't know if it will be).

Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. If you guys want a kind of "reference point" I have attached this link to one of the local distributors that I find very price competitive (remember it's in canadian dollars).

    <A HREF="http://www.memoryexpress.net" target="_new">http://www.memoryexpress.net</A>
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  2. What will he be using the system for?

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  3. For those interested $1500CDN is about $1200USD.

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  4. What PSU do you have and why are you not happy with it?

    The Fortron FSP400-60THN-R (400W) is about 100CDN at Newegg. It is ATX 2.0 compatible and is a good PSU. The Fortron Blue Storm AX500-A (500W) that is also ATX 2.0 for about $110CDN. Looking at the prices on the website you mentioned I think you'll pay more for these PSUs in Canada...

    It sounds like you've made your decision on some of the components. What are they and how much are you planning on spending in those areas?

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  5. as long as you don't get a powmax PSU you should be good. I highly reccomend RAIDMAX power supplys as I have used them and they run flawlessly and are more cost efficent. Also if u cant fit a 6800GT in a 1200 budget you're buying from the wrong place!
  6. I have an opinion here that I dont need anymore. If you think it could be useful, make an offer. But it is a really good opinion, never used, was keeping it for spare. I was going to put it on e-bay, but if you want it, that will save you and me some time. :wink:

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  7. I think you should list your opinion with my grilled cheese sandwich. We'll make a ton. When it was served to me I noticed immediately that it had Bill Gates' face burned into it. It's a miracle!

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  8. How long will he be keeping the system. It is my experience that Msi boards last 1 1/2 to 2 years, on average. I've never kept a gigabyte board long enough to keep track of thier life expectancy.
    I have a duron, on a very old gigabyte board. Even with the via chipset, the thing is still plodding along, 24/7.
    To be honest though, it did keep shutting down every time we had power failures at the old house. No problem, since we moved.
  9. Fortron source psus are not available in Canada. They do make units sold by sparcle and enermax. I use enermax, but be sure to get one with the large 120mm fan on the bottom. (required for Amd approval)
  10. "that it had Bill Gates' face burned into it. It's a miracle!"

    Yep, but I guess that it has the "reg'd TM" sing next to his face, so you'll have to pay him some royalties.... It is not a miracle.. it is marketing!

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  11. For $1200USD I expect that Fishy's Father-in-law would want to keep it at least a little longer than 1.5-2.5 years. I don't have a lot of experience with MSI. Last time I built in 2001, I tried an MIS with the KT266a chipset and RMA'd it after I had so many issues. Got a Soyo Dragon Plus and it's been running rock solid ever since.

    "He who will not risk, cannot win"
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  12. On the PSU part I have personally owned all of these and would buy any of these again.

    Thermaltake - Little Pricey
    Antec- Solid and quite
    Sparkle- Fortron is the same Prices are exceptional

    To save us both time, assume I know EVERYTHING :tongue:
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