Tomshardware should make General Hardware forum

I think tomshardware should make a General Hardware forum instead of CPU, MEMORY, Motherboard and etc.

This way it will help people who post in those other forums to get quicker response and make these forums more popular.

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  1. I agree. Many threads pertain to topics that cross over several of the specific topic forums. For example, I had questions about a CPU, Motherboard and memory combination that wasn't specific to any one particular topic forum. It would've been a good "General" category thread.

  2. Not instead! General questions are usually delt with in either CPU or Motherboard forums, rather well.
    A general forum would become too generic, some questions would be better answered by people who "live" in one forum.
  3. No...let say that you have a problems with your optical drive. You start the post like this: I'm not sure if it is my motherboard or optical device, but ....

    Or, with you RAM, your start like this: Maybe it is my motherboard that doesnt like my RAM ..

    Or, with your HDD.. My motherboard has a SATA controller that may be broken... My hdd make strange noise and got a little corruption ..

    See, anything can be posted in the motherboard section, so that is the general section!!!

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  4. think tomshardware should make a General Hardware forum.

    That could really confuse a lot of people. You would start getting questions like, "What drill works best for masonry"? or "How do I wire a 3-pole switch"? What's the best paint? The stuff with "Intel inside" :lol:

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  5. You dont wire "a" three pole switch. It takes 2 to make a switch. One of the screws on three poles is different (usually black) You just treat the "different" screwas as you would the screws on a regular switch. Then you connect the other screws to the other swich.
    Like this power> . :====together====: .> light.
    Simple right?
  6. Not another section...

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