How are laptops better than netbooks

I am a final year (computer science)student and soon to get into a software job.I want to buy either a laptop or a netbook but i am confused as i have heard that some appliations like java and others,dont run on netbook..
plz guide me!!!
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  1. Not better -- differently abled !

    Bigger screen and keyboard. Optical drive.

    Heavier, bigger, more expensive.
  2. Netbook -- boots up quickly. lighter. easier to carry, becasue it is small. It is slow into processing items such as rendering stuff...

    Notebook -- more feature packed, but doesn't boot up as quickly (not a big difference). larger screen, usually have optical drive and is much more powerful. Have larger screen area (resolution). It is more worthwhile to get a notebook if you're getting a software job because a larger screen area I'm sure it is easier to write your program with more screen space than with a cramped 1024x600 in which you have to endlessly scroll up and down and left and right :)

    by the way, = Bachelor of Technology ?
  3. The link is to a good discussion of what programmers want in a laptop. A good keyboard and high rez screen being near the top, which would rule out a netbook.
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