Newbie needs graphics driver info/help for hp dv7 and ati 4200hd

Hi again! Newbie here I have succesfully updated CCC and driver for my 5770 in my Dell Studio 8100 desktop, and I would like to do the same for my laptop which is a hp dv7 3065dx. The graphics are a 4200hd mobility radeon which I believe is intergreated and I still have release driver I think it's 9.11 anyway whats the best way to update the drivers and CCC is the process the same as dedicated card which driver is the correct one to use? I also was wondering about processer and chipset driver what can I do to make sure there is no new drivers for it and the laptop has amd turion 2.4 and 785g chipset I think!Thanks for any info/help!
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  1. Go here:

    Select your GPU and OS and then it should take you to the download page. You can either download just the driver of both the driver and CCC- it doesn't really matter. After downloading, just install. That's all there is to it.
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