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Not sure where to post this but this seems about right.

I believe I'm done with Logitech, here is why. I had a G5, played 1.6 and was pretty rough with it (slamming it down) and I believe that mistreatment was the cause of my right click issue. Lets take WoW as an example. You hold right click down to move your camera, but my mouse would act as if I let go sometimes, other time it got quite frequent and very frustrating. Same thing was happening in BC2, right click to zoom and either it wouldn't register or it would zoom in, then out really fast with just one click.

I bought a G15 and punched it a few times, the keyboard still works fine though (I did actually crack the space bar but fixed it) but now I experience an electrical issue sometimes if i touche the USB port. The lights on the keyboard will flicker and it won't register anything unless its re plugged. Not a big issue there, and the keyboard is old anywho. Also it takes some time for the keyboard to actually register input when I first turn on my PC, so I have to wait at my password screen for a few seconds. Also not a big deal.

Bought a behind the head headset (might of been one of their first gaming headsets) and it was just really uncomfy. Returned it.

Bought a G500 to replace my G5 and now I'm noticing the same exact right click issue. I've got a new mobo, and a new PSU, pretty good quality parts too so I know its the mouse. Every time I go to capture my problem in BF3 with fraps it seems to correct itself slightly.

Lastly I got a F710 (wireless gamepad) off of ebay. I believe it was labeled as refurbished but I'm certain it was brand new. It just didn't come in its original packaging but there was absolutely no scuff or anything dirty about the controller. It works, but I do experience some nasty lag cut outs here and there at random, no matter where the nano receiver was. BT adapter turned of on my mobo too if that were to do anything. Theres a lot of interference around I suppose but still =/.

Anyways rant over on Logi, it just seems their quality to me has been moderate but not good enough.

I believe the G500 is still under warranty, bought in 2010 and it comes with a 3 yr. But I did a rebate and therefore had to cut out the UPC from the box. Logitech's website requires a serial and a part number (not sure what thats supposed to be, its not model) so I'm not sure I can request a replacement.

So the question is, does anyone have any good experience with a really basic mouse but is built realllllyy good. I like these gaming mice, they have some nice features but most of those I really don't need.

Teflon feet
Ergonomic Design

Cons - Or just things I really don't care about
Adjustable weights
Crazy ass high DPI. My mouse is always set to 800, whats the point of having 3k+ if I'm going to be dropping the sensitivity in-game down? Does a higher DPI give you better tracking?
On-Board profile, neat and I do use it for one mouse macro but not needed
672 buttons... I just need like 4 or so.

I believe the Microsoft Intelli mice are basic but decent right? Looks like the 3.0 is basic and sturdy to me.
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  1. I'm thinking about this. 1000hz? $35? holy. cow.

    or maybe i'm an idiot and this happens all the time. Who knows.
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