Gaming Keyboard recommendations?

I assume this category would be the corret place to ask this question..
I want to buy a keyboard, to play games. so i would like some lighting, macro's, i would like it under $120 australian.
i would really like to get a keyboard like a laptop keyboard.
(if thats possible, because mine has grown on me. by this i mean very flat and low)
aesthetics is very important to me so i want it to look good.

if there is any keyboard that fits what im looking for, at any price i would like to know about it.
thank you for any replies or help. :D :hello: :D
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    Logitech G110 Black USB Wired LED Backlighting Gaming Keyboard.

    Meets all but one requirement. A laptop style gaming keyboard is a rare find. I like laptop style keyboards too and am in the market for a new gaming keyboard as well. Currently I'm using my brother's Saitek Eclipse keyboard (not made anymore) and it makes me miss my old keyboard. Thanks cranberry juice. Killed my old one with liquid! I'm a genius. Anyways back on topic the G110 is good, really any logitech gaming keyboard, the Sidewinder X4, Saitek Eclipse II and III. There are lot's of them.
  2. haha, every keyboard you mentioned, ive been looking at :) thanks and il remember not to drink near my pc :)
  3. lol! Well I couldn't find any laptop keyboard that would also have those features. I would go with Saitek Eclipse II. It's a great keyboard. Any of them are good though.
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  5. The Logitech G110 is probably the way to go. I also want one and they are priced from AU$65 to over AU$100.
    I have been researching but my preferred supplier has them for $92 and Dick Smith Electrical has them in Dubbo for $89.
  6. you can get one from pcccasegear . com for $85 but you will have to pay for delivery..
    its where i have been getting my stuff from.
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