Heat issue with 2+ year old Athlon XP 1900+??

My friends computer started experiencing random shut downs a couple of weeks ago. I just looked at it tonight and found that the northbridge fan was not running. I had my doubts that this would cause the random shutdowns but we replaced the fan anyway. Even after replacing the fan and cleaning out the case the computer still shutdown at random times. We also got a blue error screen while trying to format the drive to do a fresh install. I noticed that the cpu heatsink was getting extremely hot to the point where you couldn't hold your finger on it for more than 3 seconds. I proceeded to disconnect all wires and took the heatsink off to make sure it was seated correctly...which it was. I put everything back together and once we started formating again the heatsink got extremely hot again. This is the stock hsf that came with the Athlon XP 1900+ and he's been using this hsf for 2 yrs now. My guess is that the CPU is bad and needs to be replaced. When I checked PC health status in the bios it was reading a whopping 67c!! The power supply is only about 1 year old and it's an Antec True Power 430w. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.

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  1. How fast is the CPU fan spinning? Did u clean up the heat sink and the cpu fan?

    Those CPU can take lots of heat:
    <A HREF="http://www.pantherproducts.co.uk/Articles/CPU/CPU Temperatures.shtml" target="_new">http://www.pantherproducts.co.uk/Articles/CPU/CPU Temperatures.shtml</A>. It is probably not damaged.

    That said, I don't have one, so I can't tell you what the "Normal" temperature is with a stock Heatsink.

    Did you inspect the motherboard? Do you see any bulging or leaky capacitors (brownish goo) on the mobo?

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  2. I'm having something similar. XP1800+ that rebooted, and it ran fiarly hot, but not excessively (55°C or so). Reseated heatsink, and no boot anymore at all. Used another cpu, worked just fine; so I guessed the cpu was dead due to me. Replaced it and all was well.

    Later on retried the XP1800+, and it seems to work again somehow, but gets awefully hot. It doesn't even matter what HSF I use, I doesn't matter whether it is iddeling or under stress, it will boot at ~40°C, and steadily increase to 70+°C and become totally unstable, no matter what I try. Strangely, even running BurnK7 or not hardly makes a difference. My conclusion: cpu is fried. Y

    (if I'm not making any sense, let me know and I'll try again tomorrow, but I'm totally drunk now).

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  3. Now even the Intel guys are getting AMD's. :wink:

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  4. HSF was cleaned very well. I checked the mobo and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. As for those max temps..I don't think any mobo would even allow a cpu to get that hot before it decides to shut down. I believe the fan was running around 3000 rpm which is normal. I hope it isn't a combo of a bad cpu/mobo...cause that would suck for him.

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  5. P4man I bet you would pass a sobriety test right now!!! You even spelled very well. I'm thinking you're right about the cpu. I've never felt a hsf get that hot in my life. Good thing that Xp's are nice and cheap now. I guess the true test would be to get a new cpu and test my theory. Gotta love trouble shooting!!!

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  6. A little information.
    The olx xp chips(bothe palomino and T-bred-A) ran very hot. For them to hit 75c was common. As long as you kept a good fan on them they were/ are fine. I have one beside me now. I have a hsf from an xp2500 on it. It has a psu with a 90mm bottom fan only inches away. The guy who had it before didn't know, so it ran at 70c for a couple of years.
    With the added cooling, it is speeding along just fine at 55c. Treat your friend's that way, and he will get too many more years of faithfull service from it.
  7. Flinx, I thought you new our P4man! Xeon and Spud, and a few of the other Inteliots around here had a lot of names for him, but "Intel guy" isn't anywhere near close.
    Oh, by the way, his predictions so far, have made Nostradamus look like a piker.

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  8. A P3-500 was the last intel system I owned for my desktop. Had a bunch of intel laptops though, but don't read too much into that nick of mine; its a hmmm.. "heritage" ;)

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  9. >P4man I bet you would pass a sobriety test right now!!!

    Judging by the headache this morning, I don't think I'd have passed it :)

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  10. So I guess my first shot would be to try a new hsf? Does anyone have any suggestions for an Athlon XP?

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  11. A vantec aeroflow is good, and not too expensive. Not too loud either.
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